Personal Trust

For Your Benefit

A trust is a custom legal arrangement you create so we, as trustee, can hold and manage the property. We manage the property solely for your benefit and/or the benefit of another person or persons you have chosen, the beneficiaries. The trust property is managed as directed by you.

Your trust may take effect during your lifetime – a living or grantor trust – or through a provision contained in your will – a testamentary trust. A living trust may be designed to carry on after your death, providing uninterrupted asset management and financial protection for your family.

Establishing a trust does not mean losing control of your assets or their final disposition as you can retain the option of amending your trust throughout your lifetime.

Our responsibilities as your trustee may include:

  • Investing the trust assets
  • Distributing income and/or principal to the designated beneficiaries
  • Making tax decisions relating to the trust’s income tax returns
  • Keeping records of all transactions occurring in the account
  • Preparing quarterly and annual statements of account activity

With a testamentary trust, we may also:

  • Assist your beneficiaries with advice on financial matters
  • Make annual reports to the Probate Court

Investment Management Accounts

If you choose our investment management account, Highpoint Wealth Management will provide the services of our full time investment manager. Your portfolio manager will be able to provide the following services:

  • Buy and sell securities, following the strategy guidelines for your portfolio and relying on sound securities research, as well as our well-defined investment philosophy
  • Keep you advised of all the transactions made in your portfolio
  • Keep complete records and report to you through periodic account and tax statements
  • Hold all securities for safekeeping and collect the income, distributing or reinvesting as you instruct

Investment Agency Accounts

Do you have the knowledge, confidence, and time to be your own investment manager and advisor? Highpoint Wealth Management will take protective custody of your portfolio and administer it, handling the buy and sell transactions you order. We will also collect your investment income and distribute or reinvest it, keep your securities records, and report quarterly to you.

In all trust relationships Highpoint Wealth Management will provide professional asset management, knowledgeable tax preparation through our network of CPA’s, and thorough administration of your trust.

If you are considering the creation of a trust, please contact us today.