Report a Lost or Stolen Card

In a lost or stolen card situation, the priority will be to turn the card off.  During normal business hours, please contact any office to request your card to be turned off.  Alternately, or after business hours, you can report the card as lost or stolen through your HCB mobile app – under Card Management – or call the 24 Hour hotline at 1-888-297-3416.  If you would like to order a new card, you can do so here.  The new debit card will be sent to the address on file.


Protect your HCB Debit Card with MyCardRules.  This feature allows you to turn your card off and on.  Set spending limits and specify locations where your card can be used.  Best of all, instant text alerts when your debit card is used for purchases.  Access through the HCB mobile app which is available for download at your favorite app store.