Debit Card Dispute Process

HCB works hard to investigate each dispute thoroughly and timely.  When an unauthorized transaction happens, we know that you have questions.

How do I file a dispute?
You can contact any HCB Office or email to start the process.  You will be asked to provide details about the transaction so the bank can properly file your dispute.  Following the notification, an HCB Dispute Investigator will be assigned to your case and will keep you informed of the status of the dispute.  To protect your account, your debit card will be “hot-carded” and a new card ordered for you if desired.

How long does the process take?
Most investigations are completed within a few days. There are more complex investigations that can take up to 90 days to process.

When I do receive credit to my account?
If the bank is unable to complete the investigation within 10 days, you will typically be provided a temporary credit called “provisional credit”.   If the investigation determines that an error did occur, the bank considers the temporary credit as final credit.  In the situation where the investigation determines that an error did not occur, the bank will withdraw the temporary credit from your account.  The bank will notify you if the action needs to be taken.

How will I know the results of the investigation?
The Dispute Investigator will be in contact with you during the investigation process.  At the end of the investigation, you will be provided in writing with the final results of your claim along with all documentation.